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Professional Champions are economists working in the public or private sector who want to encourage their organisation to be part of the push towards a more diverse and inclusive economics

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Join our network of people striving to diversify economics. 

Get first access to our events and campaigns as well as support with outreach at your organisation.


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how you can help

Our Professional Champions can support us by doing any or all of the following:

  • Helping with content production. This can be in the form of short videos talking about why they love economics, to writing blogs, to just forwarding relevant/exciting content that their organisations produce.

  • Joining us at Discover Economics careers fairs

  • Being a mentor to young potential economists

  • Giving support with finding speakers for events or being part of Discover Economics events themselves

  • Distributing our content in their networks

  • Providing advice to the team on new projects and campaigns

  • Becoming a Discover Economics Partner