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Game - How should we measure progress?

game: How should we measure progress?

The theme of the game:
  • Measurement of progress

Who is the game suitable for:
  • A-level students (or equivalent)

What is the task:
  • Produce a one-page poster presenting an initial idea for a new measure of progress as an economic consultant working for the West of England Combined Authority (WECA). WECA is a combined authority covering Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset and North Somerset

The poster should contain the following information:
  • What indicators are you using (and why)? Are you going to include regional GDP or happiness? What else are you including?

  • Practically, how are you going to measure progress against your chosen indicators? How are you combining multiple indicators? What if there are trade-offs?

  • How do you think using your measure may change the direction of policy compared to a focus on GDP? Give one example.

The poster will be judged against the following criteria:
  • Technical content – how you address the underlying economic issues

  • Creativity – whether your ideas are innovative

  • Presentation – how your poster looks and how clearly things are presented.

Required materials and logistics:
  • Handouts for students

  • Materials needed for creating a poster

How should we measure progress_Discover Economics
Download PDF • 387KB

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