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Podcast - Ian Burn


Ian is an Associate Professor at the University of Liverpool and received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of California-Irvine in 2017.  Ian's research focuses primarily on the economics of discrimination and its impact on labor market outcomes and health. He has focused on discrimination against women, older workers, and the LGBT community. 

Who is the resource aimed at?

Students who want some answers to questions such as "why are all my clothes made in Asia?" and "how do I get a pay rise?" - this is for you.

How can the resource be used?

Listen at your leisure on the bus, while you tidy your room or while you work. Teachers - you might even want to play this to students a bit at a time, before gently (read: enthusiastically) encouraging your students to have a read.

How does the resource link to the curriculum?

Ian's research on the economics of discrimination and labor market outcomes is relevant to the A-levels curriculum in economics, particularly in the topic of labor market discrimination. This can provide students with an understanding of how discrimination can affect the allocation of labor market opportunities and outcomes. Additionally, Ian's research on the impact of discrimination on health can be relevant to the A-levels curriculum in biology or health-related subjects. This can help students understand how discrimination can affect health outcomes and may inspire them to consider the broader social determinants of health.

How long will the activity take?

The entire episode lasts 64 minutes, but feel free to dip in and out!

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