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Podcast - Osama Rahman


Osama Rahman:

  • is a member of the Government Economic Service Board

  • is a member of the Chief Scientific Advisers Network

  • co-chairs the Departmental Directors of Analysis Network

  • represents the government’s directors of analysis at the Analysis Function Board

Before joining the Department for Education, Osama spent 14 and a half years at the Ministry of Justice including the Department for Constitutional Affairs before the creation of the MoJ. His most recent role was Director for Analytical Services and Chief Scientific Adviser for 3 and a half years. Prior to that, he was Chief Economist for 8 and a half years.

He worked at the Civil Aviation Authority for a year on airport regulation, having spent 10 years as a lecturer and senior lecturer in economics at various UK universities.

DfE Director of Analysis and Chief Scientific Adviser

The Director of Analysis and Chief Scientific Adviser is responsible for:

  • the provision of analytical and scientific advice to ministers and senior officials, ensuring that the best analytical and scientific evidence informs the department’s policies and decisions

  • leading the department’s analytical and scientific community

  • working with the broader networks of directors of analysis, Government Economic Service board members, and chief scientific advisers to address cross-departmental issues

  • leading the department’s relationship with external researchers and scientists

Who is the resource aimed at?

Students who want some answers to questions such as "why are all my clothes made in Asia?" and "how do I get a pay rise?" - this is for you.

How can the resource be used?

Listen at your leisure on the bus, while you tidy your room or while you work. Teachers - you might even want to play this to students a bit at a time, before gently (read: enthusiastically) encouraging your students to have a read.

How does the resource link to the curriculum?

Osama Rahman's background and expertise in economics and analysis are especially relevant to students studying economics, statistics, or other social sciences at the A-level. A podcast with Osama Rahman is a useful resource for A-level students looking to gain additional insights into the practical applications of economics and analysis in government and policy-making.

How long will the activity take?

The entire episode lasts 43 minutes, but feel free to dip in and out!

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