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Game - Gender pay gap

Economics Schools Challenge – The gender pay gap

The theme of the game:
  • The gender pay gap

Who is the game suitable for:
  • GCSE or A-level students (or equivalent)

What is the task:

Produce a one-page poster that addresses the following:

  • Do you think that the gender pay gap is a problem – and why?

  • What do you think the government could require or encourage firms to do?

  • Are there other policy changes that could help to reduce the gender pay gap?

Required materials:
  • Handouts for students

  • Materials needed for creating a poster

Additional information:
  • Four-page brief containing background statistics on the gender pay gap, some arguments and evidence produced by economists on factors that might explain the gender pay gap

  • Case studies of large firms containing information about the gender pay gaps at the firms and some of the measures that they have introduced

Gender pay gap_Discover Economics
Download PDF • 577KB

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