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why study economics?

Studying for an economics degree gives you a versatile set of skills that you can take into a wide range of different careers.

Analytical skills – you will be good at distilling and analysing complex problems

Market insights – from designing and regulating tech industries to understanding consumers, you will have an excellent understanding of markets and incentives

Working with data – you will likely be comfortable with handling data and using it to generate real-world

You may be surprised....

Accountant at Work

What do I need to do to study economics?

Image by The Climate Reality Project

Where could your economics degree take you?

University Students

How to get involved in our events, internships, campaigns and more

Company event
Picture of Hannah, Economics Master's student


Economics Masters Student

"The more you study economics, the more you realise just how broad a set of issues economic theory can be applied to"

Picture of Henok, Economics graduate


Economics Graduate

"Because economics is so wide ranging I know I can go into a load of different career options"

Picture of Eleasha, A-level economics student


A-Level Economics Student

"I love economics because there's never a right answer, you're open to interpretation, economics opens more doors"

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