how did i get here?

In our pilot episode of 'How Did I Get Here?' we talk to Dame Rachel Griffith and hear how she made the journey from waitress to Dame!

about the podcast

What are you going to be when you grow up? A doctor, an astronaut, an engineer, a footballer?


Very few people have ever dreamt that one day they would be an economist. It’s a profession on few young people’s radars, is barely understood and, let’s face it, has an image problem.


Most people picture economists, if they think about them at all, as “men in suits who are crunching numbers, talking about interest rates and making money”.


This series of podcasts aims to challenge – and change – your image of economists. A series of conversations with economists who are working in a variety of different organisations, the podcasts will explore their personal journeys. What inspired them to choose to study economics? How did they get to their current position? What are they currently working on and what are some of the things that they love about economics? 

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Discover Economics is a Royal Economics Society campaign to increase diversity among economics students

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