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Game - The Auction Game

Food Fight – the Auction Game

The theme of the game: Auction theory
Who is the game suitable for:
  • A-level students (or equivalent)

  • The Auction Game is played in teams of up to 6 students, with roughly 45-50 teams for 250 students.

What is the task:
  • It is a silent auction where the teams will hold up their placards while the auctioneer gradually announces higher and higher values. They will lower their placard if an announced value exceeds a team's bid. Once only 5-10 placards are standing, the round ends and the remaining teams win at the final value announced.

  • Time: You need 30 minutes to run the auction.

Required materials and logistics:
  • For each team: instructions packet, an accounting sheet, a profit calculation sheet and a large placard with the team number

  • For ~50 teams, 5-6 helpers to run the auction is recommended sheet, one or two people will help by keeping track of the numbers of the winning teams, and the rest of the helpers will be walking around and helping. One person will be running the auction.

Auction game_Discover Economics
Download PDF • 330KB

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