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Lesson - Young Economist of the Year


This lesson introduces our Young Economist of the Year competition for 2024, and talks students through the process of planning and crafting a response to one of our five questions:

Do you think the government should subsidise the purchase of electric cars?

What is the economic impact of the growing gig economy?

What are the economic arguments for and against a one off cost of living payment for all individuals?

What long term changes to the labour market might be expected post pandemic?

Should the government tax goods that are unhealthy?

Who is the resource aimed at?

Anyone in Years 10 - 13 (or equivalent) studying in the UK can enter our competition. However, the lesson can be used for any age!

How can the resource be used?

As a careers lesson, as part of the PSHE curriculum, or in maths or history to build cross-curricular links.

How does the resource link to the curriculum?

Links to careers, economics, maths, and history.

How long will the activity take?

The lesson will take 1 hour.

Click here: to find out more about the competition, and enter!

Lesson plan
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Lesson plan - tasks (1)
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Lesson plan - Young Economist of the Year competition
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