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Video and leaflet - Welsh Budget Improvement Plan


This brilliant resource has been co-produced by young people, for young people, and published by the Welsh Government.

It describes what the Welsh Government is doing to improve funding choices and the way it raises and spends money, in a youth-friendly way.

The animation is based on the Welsh Government’s Budget Improvement Plan, published annually alongside other budgetary documents.

Who is the resource aimed at?

The resource was produced by 11 to 25 year olds, and will likely be of interest for any young people in this age range.

How can the resource be used?

As part of a citizenship or PSHE lesson, this animation and leaflet are perfectly targeted to interest and educate young people about the work of the Welsh government.

How does the resource link to the curriculum?

Links to careers, PSHE and citizenship.

How long will the activity take?

The leaflet is 6 pages, and the video just three minutes, but the discussion and explanation around it could fill up to a 1 hour lesson - it's up to you how much/little you'd like to explore!

Welsh Budget Improvement Plan Leaflet
Download PDF • 1.10MB

Further resources

Check out more information (and Welsh language versions) here:

Budget Improvement Plan (+ link to leaflet and animation):

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