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Marina Fuhrmann

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Marina works in corporate responsibility at ALDI Nord. She has a background in socioeconomics and management, and is responsible for social compliance and multi-stakeholder initiatives in her role.

Why did you choose to study economics?

After my bachelor's in management, I wanted to connect the business bubble with wider areas that I was interested in such as social sciences, development, politics and economics. That‘s why I did my masters in socioeconomics which allowed me to experience various fields of economics and embedded it into society and politics.

How would you describe economics?

Challenging but rewarding, relevant but sometimes too far from reality, male-dominated

If you had a time machine and could meet your 16-year-old self, what advice would you give them?

Try out everything that‘s interesting for you even though your parents or other people in your life might not understand it. Be brave, see the bigger picture and trust your abilities!

What is your favourite part of economics?

Moments when I understand larger contexts when I see the news or read a book.

Is there anything you would do differently if you had the chance?

Spend more time abroad.

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