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Wiktoria Kozlowska

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Wik is a third year BSc Economics student at Lancaster University. She went to college in Manchester where she studied Law, Mathematics and Economics, and she aspires to be a data analyst or something along those lines after graduation.

Why did you choose to study economics?

I figured out that I get bored very quickly with subjects that consisted solely of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ answers and that didn’t have much space for your own opinion and thinking. Economics allows for that – it enables me to actually analyse my work, find out the possibilities when it came to a problem and weigh the trade-off. It gives me the opportunity to delve deep into a topic that I like, whatever that may be, considering economics covers such a broad range of subjects.

How would you describe economics?

Economics is one of the few subjects that can be applied to anything. It is the study of everything surrounding you, both tangible and intangible and you will find yourself subconsciously applying what you learn to events that occur to you in real life.

If you had a time machine and could meet your 16-year-old self, what advice would you give them?

I would tell myself to study smarter and not harder – sometimes it is best to study for 3 hours a day with the right purpose and method rather than making notes for 9 hours and never looking at them again.

What is your favourite part of economics?

Probably the ability to look back on historical events such as the Great Depression and Recession and place the theory behind it. Being able to actually understand why certain events happen shed a new light on certain things, and it makes you think twice before making a rash opinion about the government, politics etc.

Is there anything you would do differently if you had the chance?

I would study smarter not harder, and I would not have taken a coding module!

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