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A Conversation with Bailey Wright

On this week's blog we got to talk to Bailey Wright, an inspirational young student who decided to follow a passion. Bailey's story not only highlights the dedication and hard work of this young man, but also sheds light on the lack of access to Economics in many parts of the country.

Bailey aspired to take Business Studies and Economics at A-Levels but his secondary school did not offer Business Studies as a GCSE, thus at home with parents, Bailey started the online IGCSE in May 2021. In September 2021, he had 1 hour of extra tuition from an ex-Business Studies teacher and in November 2021 Bailey took the IGCSE exam to ascertain his progress for continuation of studies for the summer 2022 exam. Bailey received his result in Feb 2022…..a Grade 9, highest possible! and has now been accepted for A-Levels at Lancaster Royal Grammar School 6th Form in Sept 2022! Congratulations!

We were lucky enough to catch up with Bailey early this year.

Why are you interested in Economics?

I have decided that Economics will be a great A-level to take at sixth form. I have enjoyed my studies in Business Studies and realise that Economics is closely connected.

How would you describe Economics?

Economics is new to me, as I am only just finishing my final year at school, and I chose to study Business Studies independently with a local neighbour and my parents. It means that I am only just learning about Economics and how it can factor into my life and those of others around me. I realise that it is the large part of our society and other society’s in the west. I have also spoke with my dad about how economic sanctions have been used against Russia when they invaded Ukraine, as our family have Ukrainian friends.

What advice would you give to others who don’t have access to Economics at their school/college?

That it may be hard to learn by yourself, or with your parents/neighbours, but it can work really well if you are interested in the subject. Watching the news regularly and having the BBC News app allowed me to keep up to date with external factors that impact our economy and understand why things like costs are an impact on our society as a result.

What is your favourite part of Economics?

It is early in regard my studies, but I enjoy the areas around Production, costs and revenue.

What do you hope to do in the future?

Now that I have taken the Business Studies GCSE early, and achieved a Grade 9, the highest possible (with no class tuition, only on a Saturday), I want to take A-Levels in Economics, Business Studies and Maths at Lancaster Royal Grammar School after being out of a formal teaching environment. From there I have ambitions in Rugby, as I am training at Sale Shark’s Academy U16’s, and University hopefully in the future.

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