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Economics is an exciting subject, providing opportunities for young people to question and explore the society they live in. However, many have very little idea what economics is really about.

Discover Economics workshops are designed to give your students an insight into studying economics at A Level or degree level and to introduce them to different economics careers and apprenticeships.

What does the workshop involve?

The workshop is a one-off session delivered by a current economics university student. It will give young people an introduction to economics and deliver interactive economics content (example topics include inequality, economic growth, panic-buying, education, the cost-of-living crisis, the gender pay gap).

How long is the workshop?

The sessions are planned to be 1 hour in length but can be adapted to fit with your school timetable. They are designed to be delivered in regular classes - or can be done as a standalone session.

2021 UCAS report 'Where next? - What influences the chokes school leavers make?' 
- identified economics degrees as particularly hard for many students to access because of a lack of information & opportunities and called for subject-specific outreach.

Who are the workshops suitable for?

Sessions are suitable for Year 10/S3 or Year 12/S5 students. Only state schools/ FE colleges are eligible (and for Year 12/S5 students, schools/ colleges that do not currently offer economics).
The sessions can be linked to the curriculum in Maths. Business Studies or Geography. They are also suitable as a careers session and can help with meeting Gatsby Benchmarks.

When will the workshops take place?

Timing is flexible and the sessions can be scheduled to fit with your school timetable. The workshop can be delivered multiple times to several classes in a year group or as a standalone session to combined classes.

What are the next steps?

To register your interest and discuss further, please contact

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