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Philip Usher

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Philip Usher is the Head of Economics and Deputy Head of Faculty at St. Martin's School. He is passionate about developing a love of the subject and promoting activities beyond the classroom.

Why did you choose to study economics?

Watching the Berlin Wall being torn down had a profound effect on me. It made me want to learn more about the way the world works, why the Soviet Union had collapsed and much more besides. Studying Economics at A Level and university seemed a logical way to this.

How would you describe economics?

Economics is such a varied and diverse subject that you can study any aspect that suites you. However, fundamentally it looks at decision making, incentives and provides a lens with which to look at the world.

If you had a time machine and could meet your 16-year-old self, what advice would you give them?

Control the controllable, be patient and appreciate how wonderful new things actually is.

What is your favourite part of economics?

I would describe myself as a "political economist" and love the interplay between politics and economics. The recent debates on Brexit and the wider impact are a good example of this. Another area of great interest to me is behavioural economics and the way our irrational behaviour is challenging conventional economic models which are mostly behaved on people acting in a logical manner.

Is there anything you would do differently if you had the chance?

Like everyone, there are several thing that I would do differently. However, it is useful to be reflective rather than regretful. This is how you can learn to be a better, wiser and happier person.

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