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Discover Economics announces KPMG UK as a new partner

Discover Economics is delighted to announce KPMG UK as a new campaign funding partner.

Discover Economics is a campaign aiming to broaden the appeal of economics to potential students; change their perceptions of economics and economists; and attract more students from under-represented groups.

The campaign targets 15-17 year olds – young people who are making choices about what post 16 qualifications to take and what subjects to study at university or through an apprenticeship. We work to transform perceptions of economics among students, particularly those attending schools which don't provide it as a subject. We also work to raise the voices of a more diverse set of economists and expose students to role models already working in the subject.

Through the support of KPMG UK, the campaign will deliver a new and exciting format of the Royal Economic Society’s Young Economist of the Year competition. This will be launched in Spring 2023 with a final event to be held at a KPMG office.

Heather Sharp, partner for KPMG Economics, said:

“The work of economists has a huge impact across many areas of our society and Discover Economics is working to make the discipline more inclusive and diverse. We’re excited to be supporting their mission of encouraging more students of today to become the economists of tomorrow.”

Sarah Smith OBE, Co-Chair at Discover Economics said:

“We are delighted that KPMG are supporting our work to create opportunities for young people to learn about economics degrees and careers. Economics graduates have the tools to understand and shape the world, something that’s really important to an organisation like KPMG. We look forward to working with KPMG to attract the brightest and best students from diverse backgrounds to study economics.”

For a discussion please contact the Discover Economics Campaign Manager Sam McLoughlin

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