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  • Manesha Sundar

Our Women in Economics event - a review

Manesha Sundar is a gap year student who studied English Literature, Maths, and Economics at A-level. She recently attended our "Women in Economics" event, and gave us her thoughts...

What a great 1 hour webinar from Discover Economics today. I attended the Women in Economics event last year during Sixth Form (and had to ask if I could miss a period of my English lesson to do so 😂). A year later, and I left the webinar feeling the same way. Inspired. It was wonderful to hear the stories and varied career paths that Shruti Sinha, Annabel Williamson, Kate Milne, Matilde Casamonti and Charlotte Thompson have taken to get to where they are today and the possibilities that economics can offer. Thanks to Arthi Nachiappan for hosting the panel.

It seems as though there is (if I may use an economics term) widespread information failure about what this diverse subject entails and the many sectors and “intersections” - as the speakers noted - that economics touches (including maths, geography, psychology, history, politics etc.). We need more events like this for people to share their stories and perspectives based on experience, to help young people make more informed decisions. So thank you!

Annabel Williamson left us with a good piece of advice to “trust your gut”! Peer pressure when deciding our next steps will certainly be there and everyone will have their opinions. But knowing what works for you and what you want to gain from an experience is really important.

Till next year?!

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