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The Economics personal statement that will get you offers

If you’re a student in the UK who has recently finished A Level/ IB, chances are you are currently stressing over writing that masterpiece of a personal statement that will woo your university admissions tutor. Here’s a few tips to do just that.

Think in and out the box

Almost everyone writing an Economics personal statement has subscribed to ‘The Financial Times’ and read ‘Freakonomics’. So why not keep your admission tutor on their toes and talk about a Ted talk you've watched, or a movie that used concepts of Game Theory? Of course, there is nothing wrong with the former. However, in either case, remember to go in-depth, be specific and be unique. Read a book by a famous economist? Express your opinions on what they’ve talked about. Watched a Ted Talk that got you interested in the financial crisis? Elaborate using economic concepts on why you found it fascinating. Anyone can just list down things they’ve learned in a classroom or statistics from a news article. Not everybody can use their textbook learning to analyse a current event and express opinions solidified with logic and arguments. And certainly not everyone can sound excited about it!

Learning coupled with experience

Learning is only one half of the journey, application is what fulfils it. Show your admissions tutor how you used concepts of economics in various competitions, internships, part-time jobs etc. Experience can range from participating in an insight programme by a bank, to managing your own small business, to winning an economics case competition.

Show off your Maths skills

Economics is notoriously a mathematical and logical subject, so don’t miss a chance to showcase your appreciation and prowess over them. Mention anything such as winning a Maths Olympiad, helping your dad with the accounts of his business or being president of your school’s Maths Club.

Haven’t studied economics before?

Your passion is already partly showing, so complete your story with what caused this epiphany. Did the impact of the pandemic in your area get you thinking and reading about inflation? Did you watch ‘The Big Short’ and immediately dig deep into trying to understand the 2008 financial crisis? Or was it simply a family member whose job as an economic analyst inspired your career goals? They would love to hear your story - in great economic detail!

Use future tense

Talk about your ambitions in the field of Economics, from the modules in certain universities that you can’t wait to delve into to the career path you just know is your true calling. Economics is a fascinating, yet equally challenging course. Show your dream university that you’re here for the long game and not just the 3 years of your undergrad degree.

There is no one standard recipe for the perfect personal statement because your personal statement is supposed to make YOU stand out. So, dig deep, let your passion ooze and fingers crossed, you’re an essay away from your dream university!

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