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  • Michael Oni


Before university, the idea of a black economist was alien to me. Until I was taught in my second year by a lecturer who academically was inspiring, with his insights into the application of economic theories in business. On a personal level he was incredibly open and proud about his culture and heritage.

One thing that still stands out to me today was completing a book review on “The Coffee Book” by Nina Luttinger, where we were able to explore the intermediate stages of coffee production; from the coffee beans being harvested in Ethiopia to its journey to our supermarkets. Being able to explore an economy like Ethiopia’s, allowed us to learn about African business which is understated in the curriculums of today.

From studying Economics, I was able to partake on an internship at a multi-national wholesale bank for my industrial placement year. Where, I was able to practically implement a variety of concepts and abilities that I had picked up through my studies. Also, I was fortunate enough to meet truly incredible people along the way, who have challenged me to produce my best work as well as better myself personally and professionally.

From my experiences, I would encourage not just BAME but all students to take up economics and actively engage with the field. This is as it has given me a strong foundation to build my career and future from. I am truly excited to be part of the next generation of economists, who will knock down the barriers and bring with them diverse and contemporary ideas to an ever-expanding field.

Michael Oni is a final year BA Business Economics at the University of Greenwich

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